1950s dating advice dating violence and statistics

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In 1929, the first modern group health insurance plan was formed.A group of teachers in Dallas, Texas, contracted with Baylor Hospital for room, board, and medical services in exchange for a monthly fee.In Canada, and many countries in Europe, health insurance is guaranteed.Some experts here argue that universal health insurance can be successful.Should the United States government give everyone free health care?Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance.Congress also passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in 1996.

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As a result, most Americans with health insurance were enrolled in managed care plans by the mid-1990s. Congressional leaders opposed the plan as it was too expensive and excessively regulated.

In 1994, members of Congress introduced a series of alternative proposals, but no compromise was ever reached.

In 1996 Congress passed the Mental Health Parity Act, to require some employers to offer health plans with psychiatric benefits.

Wartime (1939-1945) wage freezes imposed by the government actually accelerated the spread of group health care.

Unable by law to attract workers by paying more, employers instead improved their benefit packages, adding health care.

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