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You and your SO could have a wild time but ultimately feel unaffected. "When you introduce new circumstances, you also introduce new possibilities. And if the idea of 'what if' troubles you, perhaps consider your approach more thoroughly before diving in.It may be that you need to do a bit more emotional and/or relationship work before you and your partner are ready to go there, and that's totally OK." This is 2016, though; we're the 'what if' generation.There's no reason to clam up right before you all jump in the bed together; open up a bottle of wine and talk about what you're into -- and more importantly, "Having some form of real-time contingency plan is a good idea too," Dr. "Especially for your first time, you actually have no idea how you're going to find the circumstances of the threesome.

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So, while they may say that a threesome is written in the stars, you may not realize that you're setting yourself up for disaster.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the internet: where any app is a dating app if you try hard enough.

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