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But the Australian dancer would prefer to focus on her ballroom moves.WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Nick Viall Talks Rebounding from Near-Elimination on 'DWTS' & Defends His Disney Week Look The 31-year-old admitted to ET’s Nischelle Turner that the gossip about her dating life does get frustrating.The inside guests were gathered around the table and the couches, so Melanie and the other people from outside worked their way into the seating. In front of a house full of 20 guests, Melanie was put on the spot and asked a series of questions that some couples don't even get to in their first six months of dating!Melanie was directed to a chair in the living room, and Randy was asked to sit next to her. Luckily, Melanie was fairly quick-witted that day, and tried to keep her answers light and humorous, while still being respectful of the aunts' genuine curiosity and protectiveness over their nephew.Melanie was wearing a brand new dress for the occasion (those of you who know Melanie well know that it has to be a BIG deal for her to put on ANY kind of dress), and Randy was dressed in a very nice button-up shirt and slacks.Melanie was putting on her earrings and from behind her, Randy said, "I think you're missing a piece of jewelry." Confused, she turned around to look at him and with his hand in his pocket, he slowly lowers down to one knee and pulls out a black velvet box from his pocket.They decided it was time to throw a party and introduce Melanie to Randy's extended family: aunts, uncles, cousins.

She began casually dating a man and, when out with Randy Sr.By the time that first meeting came, the sparks were already flying through the phone, through texts sent between the two. were excited, nervous, and somehow felt like they'd already met.The conversation flowed, the flirting commenced, and something very special was created. and his wife Patty were there for that first meeting, and I think they knew even then that they'd made a very successful introduction, and that something quite meaningful had started right before their eyes.Despite mixed reviews, Bolton felt confident about his performance.“I feel like I really was strong with this dance and the steps but there are some things I can work on still always. And while the pair appreciate the feedback from the judges, Burgess does get protective of her partner.

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