Dating asking about past relationships

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It's bad enough that his girlfriend has certain expectations. Men like to feel that they can provide everything for their women, from the sexual to the store-bought. But seriously, a guy can feel insecure if he decides he will never make enough dough to buy all the things both of you want in life.Now, living up to the group's expectations might be a tall order. Just remind him that it doesn't matter how much we make, just that we are happy. While this admission of past heartbreak at the hands of the ex might sound like a reassurance for the current relationship, it actually means something completely different in the mind of the average male.Guys have trained themselves to say something complimentary about your personal appearance, whether it's a nice pair of earrings or a sparkling necklace.If you say that the old fling bought it for you, it's another way of saying, "Every time I put it on, he comes to mind." Men would like to think that you never, ever think of the ex under any circumstances.But when it comes to doing things as a couple, it's best to pretend you've never been anywhere. You spent the previous few years locked in your apartment living life through a view finder you found in your parents' basement. ") Every experience is new and something that you and the current boyfriend are sharing for the first time together. If he asks if you've ever been to a certain restaurant or seen a certain show, say that you have but can't recall with whom and for what reason or occasion.If he keeps pushing the issue, you can then mention it may have been with an ex.Here, the male editors of AM tell Cosmo girls how to bend the truth so you don't bruise his ego.In every relationship, the past comes up in conversation.

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He doesn't want to know you think about the ex for any reason.

He will drop the subject and the destination idea because he won't want to take you there anymore.

It's fine: You wouldn't have liked Sea World the second time anyway.

resize=768:*" /Cosmo and Ask teamed up to discuss what we hate to hear about our new flames' past relationships.

Here, the male editors of AM tell Cosmo girls how to bend the truth so you don't bruise his ego.

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