Dating levis labels

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LEE WESTERN WEAR However, times were changing and in addition to their leadership in denim workwear, by the mid 1920’s Lee recognized a greater need to supply western wear for cowboys and rodeo riders. In this model, Lee removed the back pocket rivets and in their place introduced bar tacking; however rivets did remain on the crotch and front pockets. In 1925, Lee introduced its exclusive fabric, Jelt Denim. Sometime in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s, Lee manufactured its first bib overall made with a zipper and called the “LEE WHIZIT”.This early model of the 101 became known eventually as the 101B once H. During this same period, Lee also added a zipper to their cowboy pants and hence the name 101Z.I have only worn variations of only one type Levi's jeans - the legendary button fly 501s. Searching on Google lead me to Wiki Answers and more specifically the question: What are the differences in style number of levi's?

The Red Wire DLX Jeans will have an i Pod remote control and docking station fitted in its pockets, and comes complete with attached headphones.

It was also during this same period that Lee introduced two new work wear fabrics, Hickory Striped Denim and Color Fast Herringbone twill.

Due to this, Hickory Striped Denim became synonymous with work wear garments.

In addition to the name Lee on the label, the famous “UNION MADE” also appeared.

So up to this time, Lee was famous for providing industrial clothing as well as garments for railroad workers.

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