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Additionally, OKTrends’ articles are written in a remarkably readable and witty prose, despite its statistical character.

As OKC knows its audience and their preferences, it was able to deconstruct its dataset into succinct stories.

There’s even a fair number of similar apps for the religious and the holy, which is perhaps unsurprising considering how naughty their scriptures can be.

This digital onslaught of dating sites and apps has led to increased industrial competition and the risk of an oversaturated market.

By ‘sciencing’ your love life, OKC services obtain greater legitimacy and objectivity.

We’ve all had dates ruined by our very human tendency to self-sabotage. OKC’s colossal dataset is also a marketing goldmine.

Every day, WOMO helps thousands of people find awesome businesses (and avoid dodgy operators)."WOMO stands for Word Of Mouth Online and we're the No 1 business review site in Australia.

Every day, WOMO helps thousands of people find awesome businesses (and avoid dodgy operators).

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OKTrends demonstrated that “Black people and Asian men get [the] short shrift”, thereby highlighting how race (unfortunately or not) remains a romantic and sexual factor for many people.A year after its launch, OKTrends generated over 2 million new OKC users.Equipped with exclusive data and great storytelling, OKTrends secured OKC’s dominant place in the online dating industry—and it did that without any form of paid advertising. Apparently, OKC, and its rivals, Tinder and, are owned by the same parent company, The Match Group.“Data,” according to Sam Yagan, one of OKC’s founders, “is key to sorting through all of these people”.Because OKC is free and encourages its users to submit personal information on their lifestyles, the site has exclusive access to large swathes of data, which it uses to improve user interaction.

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