Dating regeln australien

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She is a regular contributor to morning television and a range of online and print publications.

Melanie is a registered psychologist and personal coach with over 15 years’ experience in both the corporate and therapeutic arenas.

Her business, Dating Crusade, offers individual coaching, workshops, retreats and online coaching programs.

Melanie draws on her psychological expertise to assist her clients to make sustainable behaviour change.

The benefits of being assertive in your post-date communication: – Your needs, wants and feelings are more likely to be understood – Nobody’s feelings are hurt intentionally – Both parties are more likely to feel respected and heard – The relationship is strengthened by the exchange – You feel more in control of your own life – You have a better chance of getting what you really want You might be thinking “…but I if I ask for what I want I might come across as desperate! Many people fear being assertive in the early stages of relationships for this very reason. There is a clear difference between assertive and desperate communication.

Desperate: “I really, really like you and think you are totally hot.

You can support your intuition with some scientific (and fun) data gathering: – Do you share similar values? It is a philosophy based on the primal needs of men and women, assuming all men need to constantly hunt. VIDEO: Living by The Rules The No-Rules rules When working with my clients it’s is all about honest, authentic communication. I got to wondering; where do Aussie Women and men fit into this equation?With her performance and media background, Melanie also brings a dynamic and engaging style to the coaching environment and ensures that her clients have a laugh while learning some fantastic life and dating skills.On a personal note, Melanie met her fiancé through e Harmony (so, she practices what she preaches!

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