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The hair extension is placed on the parting of a small section of hair and the hair criss-crossed over the extension.The real hair and the hair extension are then tightly plaited or braided together and painted with a bonding solutions.Hair extensions have been popular off and on for several years.Many movie stars ranging from Madonna and Demi Moore to Cameron Diaz have used hair extensions for movie roles.Many people are curious about what materials are used to create various hair extensions.This is not an easy answer since hair extensions can be created from 100% real human hair, 100% synthetic hair or a mixture of human, synthetic and animal hair.

This means that you will almost always be required to have the ends of your hair cut after the extensions are removed.Hair extensions are available in just about any color, texture or length.Popular TV star Brandi often wears extensions as well.Not only will the attachments be hard to handle, you may wind up with an uneven overall length or possibly damage your hair unnecessarily.Most extensions, if applied properly, will last up to four months.

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