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Just i was prescribed them and they really helped me out.Good luck to you with your recovery : ) Benzo's are a class of drugs, they are used primarily for aniexty.It is gaining quite a bit of respect in the anxiety world for helping those who dont like the benzodiazepine type drugs. Tee Hi i have had experience with (prescription) drug addiction and alcohol addiction and celexa (citalopram) have worked really well for me.

Nonetheless, because anti-anxiety medications work quickly and involve less effort than psychotherapy, they are a popular choice of treatment among both doctors and patients.

I am currently on vistaril but it makes me very tired.

There are many non-benzodiazepine options for you - talk with your doctor.

This may be particularly true in the primary care setting, where anxiety disorders are frequently treated.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be as effective as medications for anxiety disorders and is considered to be first-line treatment for these conditions.

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