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Being on his mind means he’s distracted, crazy, imagining doing all kinds of things to you, that he’s all yours. When you keep yourself top of mind when it comes to sexy times, it means that whenever he thinks about sex, he thinks of you.

(And my experience with men is that they think about sex a lot.)So send him sexy texts at random moments during the day, and do it regularly — maybe not every day, but at least every other day. But that’s another story...)Doing all of the above will mean that when you do see each other, all of that sexting and thinking will lead to some of the hottest sex you've both ever had.

Distributed by Universal Pictures, “Non-Stop” grossed .9 million in the U. Of Liam Neeson actioners, “Non-Stop” opened significantly above “Unknown” and “Taken” in the U.

K., France and Australia/New Zealand, though sometimes bested by “Taken 2,” as in France.

This makes us even more excited about our next big Joel Silver/Studiocanal action thriller, ‘The Gunman’!

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I honestly can’t tell if this guy is coming up short or not. We haven’t been dating as long and I guess it makes me wonder if he is as interested as I am. I think for me, it’s I don’t want to be made a fool of.

I know that he’s really a great guy, that he’s not seeing anyone else, that he cares about me. ” My wife would tell you pretty much what you can already figure out on your own: I’m a know-it-all. If he loves you, he will do his best to honor your request. And you’ll put up with it and make jokes about it and live a very happy life together.

He’s considerate, attentive and tries constantly to please me when we’re together. Of course, you could “cut bait,” but your future boyfriend would have some intolerable characteristics as well. Ironic how these blogs coincide with issues I have with the men I currently date!

I’ve brought it up once how it’s inconciderate to not just let me know you will be busy for the evening, etc and he agreed and apologized. Don’t string me along if you aren’t truly interested.

I agree, there will be some quirks to deal with, but in the beginning of a relationship, it’s difficult to know if these are honest quirks or signs of no interest.

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