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old saying: believe little of what you see, NOTHING of what you hear!!

is on record as saying that she would be ready to have a child by the time she was 30-well, she's 30!!

Deets and the first official pics of Nixon inside...

In the new issue of tabloid magazine, Mathew Knowles' mistress of 18 months, 40-year-old Alexsandra Wright, is showing off her and Mat's baby, Nixon, for the first time.

And she's also telling some eyebrow-raising tales about Mathew trying to buy their baby..own daughter Beyonce & her husband Jay-Z to raise.

And it is extremely easy because you are behind computers.

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It shows how vicious people can be over someone they don't know very true.But All This Negativity Um Sure Wasn't Part Of The Package.If you remember, he dated contestant Kimberley Locke for 2 years, and they broke up March of last year.He lossed his job manging his daughter and he has screwed up his already tarnished image, hes a fraud and a here...signed off.about it on the to post..explain a whole lot of what was a secret.....that's life ....there is no business like show business.

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