Resident attending dating

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Residents have crazy things happen to them, often multiple crazy things on the same day. At least then you know what your resident is talking about, a little bit. Your resident does not want to perform physical exams at Thanksgiving. Recognize sleep deprivation for what it is, and not a larger sign of relationship trouble. Your resident is not trying to be difficult, or selfish, or lazy. It is likely very frustrating for your resident to watch Grey's Anatomy or its television siblings. Don't make that difficult by complaining it's late, there are dinner plans, and there is no time to shower. Your resident probably doesn't know enough to actually help, even if he or she wanted to -- and, most likely, he or she doesn't want to. But that knee pain, or those warts -- tell them to see their actual doctor, and hold the questions. That's not an excuse, but understand that on the rare day off, maybe 13 hours of sleep is what your resident needs, even more than a delicious brunch that you even made a reservation for. Indulge your resident's use of the pause button on the DVR when watching shows with medical elements.

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If you are not available on the date and time of your appointment, write us a letter of explanation.

In the comments, someone asked for a post with tips for non-medical people to keep in mind when dating residents.

If they are working a late shift or overnight, you win huge points if you offer to bring them food.

We will reschedule your appointment on a different date.

If you do not attend your appointment, you must contact us within a certain amount of time.

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