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This chapter discusses the internal working of Configuration Manager.

It looks at how Config Mgr sites publish information in Active Directory and how Config Mgr clients use directory information.

The “SQL Replication Crash Course” and “Configuration Manager Database Replication” sections may also be helpful for hierarchy and site system planning.

Should you want a deeper understanding of what is going on behind the scenes with Config Mgr; the material in this chapter can help you grasp the architectural principles of the product and guide you into exploring its inner workings.

In order to receive these updates your computer will need to be put into a software group.

Configurable: Yes Enabled by default: No Accounts you can use to run this method: Unlike other Active Directory discovery methods, Active Directory Forest Discovery does not discover resources that you can manage.

However, you will find a basic understanding of the product architecture and knowledge of techniques for viewing the inner working of Config Mgr invaluable for troubleshooting purposes.

If you have not decided whether to extend the AD schema, you will want to review the “Schema Extensions” section of the chapter.

It shows how to view the inner workings of Config Mgr through its status messages and logs, as well as through other tools for viewing database and process activity. The authors have chosen some of the most important feature sets and data structures to use as examples throughout the chapter, rather than try to provide a comprehensive account of all Config Mgr functionality.

If you are simply planning to get Config Mgr up and running, you may find some of the material in this chapter unessential.

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