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This man deserves more than to lose his company." Rutgers said this week it won't return a 0,000 donation from Weinstein that's being used to help fund the Gloria Steinem Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies.After several students recalled their own personal experiences of sexual assault, Biden praised Rutgers for its efforts in support of victims of sexual assault and dating violence.On Trump, Biden said, "I know our president talks about locker room talk," referring to the Republican president's explanation for derogatory comments he made about women during last year's campaign."They didn't talk that way in my locker room," Biden said and noted, "usually the guy who starts that conversation is the ugliest SOB in the room."Biden, who had campaigned for the Democrat running for governor in New Jersey before the speech, spent nearly an hour shaking hands and taking selfies with students, who greeted him with thunderous cheers when he first took the stage.The novel contains many allusions to Greek mythology, including creatures such as the Minotaur, half-man and half-bull, and the Chimera, a monster composed of various animal parts.Narrator and protagonist Cal Stephanides (initially called "Callie") is an intersex man of Greek descent with 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, which causes him to have certain feminine traits.

He wanted the novel to be an "intimate" portrayal of protagonist Cal's transformation, so he wrote a draft in the first-person narrative in Cal's voice.

According to scholars, the novel's main themes are nature versus nurture, rebirth, and the differing experiences of what society constructs as polar opposites—such as those found between men and women.

It discusses the pursuit of the American Dream and explores gender identity.

The latter half of the novel, set in the late 20th century, focuses on Cal's experiences in his hometown of Detroit and his escape to San Francisco, where he comes to terms with his modified gender identity.

Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times Book Review considered Middlesex one of the best books of 2002, and some scholars believed the novel should be considered for the title of Great American Novel.

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