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The creatively painted green, yellow and black bricks weren’t going to cut it: I could have left those completely covered under the mortar, but I wanted a clean slate to work with and thought I’d give removing the paint a try.

I found a handful of options searching online, and ended up with this stripping gel: I also brought a grinder, an electric sander and miscellaneous scraping tools.

After letting the stripper gel do it’s thing, I used a stiff brillo pad to scrub the residue and was left with this: It kind of worked.

There was still some stubborn paint that wouldn’t budge, and an underlying brick discoloration, but it loosened most of it.

I later learned that it’s much more time consuming if your bricks are super rough and uneven, as mine were.

Luckily I came away with a few pointers for anyone else attempting this.

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Home Depot is the only retail chain I know of that carries it, and it wasn’t in stock within over 100 miles of me so instead I ended up at True Value, hoping to find an alternative as I tried to explain my mission to the store associates.The closest thing we could find was white thin-set mortar, which came in at a whopping compared to for the recommended white cement mortar at Home Depot: So I sucked it up and paid the price, hoping it would work out (fortunately, it did).Back at the cottage, I mixed the mortar with water until reaching a consistency somewhere in between yogurt and peanut butter. Someone put a metal vent there before the wall went in, and instead of moving it they just built the wall around it. See that column of wood on the left protruding between the two outlets?

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